7 Tips for Staying Safe Online During this Holiday Season

7 Tips for Staying Safe Online During this Holiday Season

7 Tips for Staying Safe Online During this Holiday Season

by  Via Dashlane

season is finally here, and with it comes online shopping. Retail e-commerce is a thriving market expected to double by 2020, but an unfortunate side effect is a parallel increase in cyber threats. While retailers compete for shoppers with flash discounts and “today only” sales, fraudsters are taking advantage of this urgency. They know that shoppers are more concerned with getting the sale price and less concerned with the security of their personal information.

But there are ways to shop online that mitigate a lot of the risks associated with sharing and storing your sensitive info without compromising the convenience of shopping from your couch.

Here are 7 tips to stay safe online during the holiday season:

  1. Beware of shopping-related phishing schemes
  2. Avoid suspicious or unfamiliar retailers
  3. Don’t shop online using free WiFi unless you’re using a VPN
  4. Don’t save sensitive info on sites or in your browser
  5. Keep an eye on your credit
  6. Ship to a secure location
  7. Secure accounts with strong passwords

1. Beware of shopping-related phishing schemes

Phishing is an incredibly effective tactic used by cybercriminals that involves sending emails designed to look like they’re from someone else—like a brand you love. Generally speaking, these emails will encourage you to click on a malicious link by enticing you with a deal or exclusive price. If you click on the link, you’re redirected to a spoofed landing page of the brand they’re impersonating. Typically, the cybercriminal will try to collect login credentials or payment information like your credit card number. If something smells phishy, you can check the “from” email address to ensure it’s legitimate, and we also recommend hovering your mouse over the URL before you click to confirm that it leads to a legitimate site and not a fake.

  1. Avoid suspicious or unfamiliar retailers

Speaking of illegitimate sites, you should be careful submitting your login or payment information on any site that feels scammy or deals that seem “too good to be true.” Oftentimes during holiday season, scammers set up sites designed to attract bargain hunters hoping to score a crazy deal on the latest iPhone or Amazon Echo. If you aren’t familiar with the website or company you are buying from, don’t take the risk. That seemingly good deal could cost you thousands of dollars spent on restoring your stolen identity.

  1. Don’t shop online using free WiFi unless you’re using a VPN

It’s really tempting to shop on-the-go during holiday season, especially if you’re traveling to see family or friends. But if you’re connected to free WiFi like in airports, planes, trains, cafes, or hotels, the first thing you should do when you get online is connect to a VPN. A VPN encrypts all the traffic coming in and out of your device, so no one can snoop on your internet activity and steal the information you input online, including logins and payment information. If you’re using a home WiFi, or simply using your cellular data, you don’t need to worry about using a VPN.

  1. Don’t save sensitive info on sites or in your browser

This is more of a general safety tip, but it’s more common during the holiday season to save personal and payment information on shopping websites so you don’t need to fill it in the next time you buy something there. However, these sites aren’t designed to provide the necessary security for your data—they’re designed for shopping. That’s why we routinely hear about hacks and breaches containing personal information from retailers. If you want to have the convenience of autofilling your information on different sites without sacrificing the security of your data, you should try a password manager, which gives you automatic logins and secure autofill of personal and payment information.

  1. Keep an eye on your credit

Sometimes you may not even be aware that your personal information is compromised until it’s too late. Holiday season is like hunting season for cybercriminals seeking PII (personally identifiable information). If your information or identity is stolen, one of the first signs of improper use is unusual changes to your credit. There are affordable ways to get alerted about credit changes, so you can take action fast in a worst-case scenario.

  1. Ship to a secure location

This may seem extreme, but package theft has become more prevalent in recent years with the rise of online shopping and the barrage of home deliveries. If no one’s home during the day, consider shipping to your office or somewhere else that keeps your packages off sidewalks or front doorsteps.

  1. Secure accounts with strong passwords

Password reuse is an epidemic. Reusing passwords is like using the same key for your house as you do for your car, your office, your mailbox, and even the locker at your gym that you never go to. The point is, if someone gets a hold of any one of those keys, they now have access to everything you want to keep safe. The same is true of your online accounts. During the holiday season, you’ll likely be creating new accounts to make checkouts, tracking, and returns easy. When you do, use random, strong passwords, so in the event of a site breach, you won’t be handing a cybercriminal the key to your other accounts. Password managers have generators that can help you eliminate password reuse and create and remember strong passwords for you to protect your accounts and information.

If you can follow the steps laid out above, you’ll be way ahead of the curve in terms of securing your personal information online and ensuring that your holiday season remains a time for joy, family, and lots of gifts, instead of a time for worry, stress, and frustration.

Preparation is victory – War Success Principle

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If you’ve never heard of Sun Tzu, he’s a famous military strategist and wrote the “Art Of War” detailing his war strategies.One of his important (but not often talked about) rules is…
“Whoever is first in the field… will be fresh for the fight”Now, what does this mean?
When Sun Tzu went to war, he made sure his army was always the first to the field – this gave his army a psychological advantage.While his army was ready and prepared to fight, the opposing force felt they were behind and frazzled as a result.Sun Tzu’s army would win before the battle even began.Every elite performer understands this principle.For example, Michael Jordan, who won 6 championship rings with the Chicago Bulls, showed up to the arena hours before the opposing team.Elite CEOs, like Elon Musk, wake up early and get an entire day’s work done before most people wake up and brush their teeth.
They’re sending a message:

“I’m more prepared than you are. I’m more ready to fight than you are. I am going to win and there’s nothing you can do.”

If you want to win, you must show up when others don’t.And how do you do that?

Do what others won’t do.Read books while they watch Netflix…
Connect with entrepreneurs while they drink and party…
Learn from successful people while they cling to their old opinions…
If you want to win, simply show up where others aren’t willing to.
If you can do that, you’ll watch yourself outgrow each and every one of them in no time.

Dan Lok
The King Of High Ticket Sales™
P.S. Most people don’t want to invest in a High Income Skill™, and that’s where they’re not showing up.They would rather chase shiny objects and watch motivational videos. That’s why they don’t have consistent success.If you’re one of the few that wants a predictable stream of long-term income, then watch this free training.This is the last time in 2018 we’ll be training students in this High Income Skill™.After we accept the next group of students, we’ll be closing the doors for 2018.

Focus vs. Opportunity (FOCUS is what creates greatness)

Focus vs. Opportunity (FOCUS is what creates greatness)

“Millionaires, on average, have 7 income streams.” You’ve heard this before….you have probably heard it often. Typically, this is used to get you to invest in some type of passive income business or opportunity that is new-age snake-oil.

Simply put, if you don’t have a 7-figure business that operates like a machine, it’s way too early to start another business.

Here’s what happens.
You start getting momentum in your business and you’re feeling good. You know what you’re doing…your confidence is at an all time high…and you have cash flow to spare.

Suddenly, there are opportunities everywhere.

Everyone has a business idea…a cool new partnership.
And, as human beings, what do we do?
We think about investing, with this super optimistic cap on, because we know what we’re doing now.
How hard could it really be?
We could spend a weekend here and there….minimal time, but big payout.

But in reality… if you go down that road, and now you’re splitting your time and resources.
Before you should. Because it will take more time than you think…it will take time away from your main focus. Your main business will suffer.

Yes, money gives you leverage. However, you need to focus on your main thing… your MAIN business until you have a fine-tuned machine. Focus has a compound effect. You need that focus in one area to cash in on the compound effect. When you’re under the illusion that you can do more than what’s possible, you lose focus… you lose leverage… you lose money.

Successful entrepreneurs know and understand this. They focus on one thing at the beginning. They put their time and energy into making that ONE thing run effortlessly. Once they can remove themselves as a business requirement, then, and only then, do they start looking at becoming an investor somewhere else.

Remember… if you have to HUSTLE to make a new opportunity work, the chances of it working alongside your main hustle are VERY low. Unless, of course, your main hustle is already a leveraged, profitable, and sustainable business.

You’ve discovered a lot so far, just don’t EVER forget.
FOCUS is what creates greatness.

Talk soon,

-Scott 😉

Learn Dropshipping with this Crash Course on Dropshipping 2018

Learn Dropshipping with this Crash Course on Dropshipping 2018

Dropshipping: What it Is and How it Works in 2018 [VIDEO]

Hey there,

Do you know all there is to know about dropshipping?

Perhaps you know a lot already, but a refresher course is always a good idea.

Which is why we put together this easy to understand video: Dropshipping 101!

We hope it answers any questions you may have about this business model. If you want to now more, holla at us in the comments!

Dropshipping: What it Is and How it Works in 2018 [VIDEO]

Happy Dropshipping,

Upwork Proposal that Definitely Win Jobs

Upwork Proposal that Definitely Win Jobs

Let’s get started: Having a verified upwork profile does not guaranty winning jobs on upwork. A good proposal always revolves around the client needs a requirements. You just need to align your skills and capabilities with the requirement of the client. Instead of impressing the client with your capabilities tell the client how you have completed your previous projects related to the task if any. Following are some key steps in writing a winning proposal.keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.


Before you submit a proposal: Never apply to jobs that you think you cannot complete confidently. If you want good results and good customer experience always try to filter your jobs according to your skills. If you think you can improve your skills with a little hard work try that immediately.


Client feedback is very important and it sticks to your profile forever so you need clients that left good feedback on your profile. For this you need successful projects and successful projects comes with great skills. So always improve your skills before going after quality work.


Proposal tips given below are for your guidance only that doesn’t mean you include everything in your proposal so try to keep your proposal short and concise and put the extra details in a separate attachment document for interested clients if possible.

upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities
upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities

Greetings: Greeting with the client in a way that establishes connection between you and the client. Pawed the way for the acceptance of the proposal. Point to be noted here that the biggest connection between you and the client is the task under consideration. Use friendly words while communicating with the client and stick to the topic. Make the client feel that you are aware of the given task I have the necessary knowledge to help the client in the given task.

Remember your greeting style help you getting client attention. Also your profile pic must look more professional and there should be no backgrounds objects that distract attention from you. You can see picture on the left looks more professional than picture on the right because it has some distraction behind.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

Your Work Samples are important: Some clients ask for work samples because they want to assess your abilities and skills. Do provide some brief work samples at the beginning of the proposal maybe after the greetings. Providing work samples will definitely make the client confident about your work and may win the proposal instantly.

Description and Questionnaire: Before we go further down to the proposal matter I want you to be clear about one thing. The thing is you must read the job description very carefully. By reading the job description carefully you got a good idea about what the client needs.

Even if you don’t have the required knowledge about the proposal try to search it online, check relevant gig on Fiverr or PeoplePerHour platform and collect important points for mentioning in your cover letter. A short questionnaire at start will grab the client attention instantly. A Questionnaire is a thing where you read the clients minds and answer possible questions about the proposal. Like

What do you think how you are a good fit for this specific project?

What part of this project is most appealing to you?

Do you have the required skill for delivering that project?

Discuss more about the Proposal and less about you: In second step explain to the client how you are the best candidate for this proposal. You can talk about your skills and capabilities and how you are able to do the assigned task. You can talk about your qualification and completed projects relevant to the topic.

One thing need to be highlighted here and it is that do not over projects yourself instead you can tell a story about the completed task that is relevant to the topic. You can share your experience with the previous client and how you manage to complete that project.

Present yourself with a cover letter: There is an attachment section at the end of every proposal. You can attach a cover letter having all the necessary knowledge about your skills and capabilities. It can be a resume, a Portfolio, are other freelancing profile address. Paste necessary links to your profiles and completed projects on the cover letter.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.


upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities
upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities

Upwork Cover Letter : Take note of the highlighted parts of the given cover letter it has following important parts.It is better to start with the client name instead of hi or hello.if you don’t know the client name it is better to start with Dear Sir/madam Instead of Hi or hello. For finding the client name take not of the procedure mentioned in the picture below.

Using hi is suitable for American clients.Discuss few lines About the client area of expertise and the proposal itself. this will make the client know that you are  aware of the client any proposal itself.Then discuss few lines about your area of expertise and how are you are the best candidate  for the said proposal.If you have any experience in the relevant field or  skill discuss it briefly.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

Give links to your portfolio file are any pages that have your previous relevant work.Make use of the bullets on numbers if necessary.discuss briefly about your skills and abilities in delivering the specific proposal and what key methods and skills you will use while working on the proposal.

Give the client estimated time duration and approximate price for Delivering this said proposal and in how many steps you will conclude the work.Close the cover letter with some kind words and mention your name at the end.  Giving a nice quote at the end will definitely impress the client.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities

Don’t bid less than your per hour rate: If you are profile per hour rate is $27 and you are asking that client to pay you $10 for $25 project then you are under rating your earnings. The quality client will always ready to pay you quality money. Sensible clients will never impressed by your low bid. So always bit according to the offered price or your per hour rate.

Your Skill Test Results Matters: Your skill test results are very important if you have done good in your skill test do not hesitate to mention them in your Proposal.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

Respond Quickly: Your communication with the client matters a lot .Mode of communication is also very important. Always respond client’s questions quickly and efficiently and try to adopt the quickest channels possible while communicating with the client.

Be on the desk in time: You should be aware of the timings and Clients availability online. You should also keep the client informed of your timings and availability. By adopting this method you can minimize the communication barrier between you and the client and ask important questions with each other that makes the objectives clearer.

Naive to Professional: There can be time when your Nicely Crafted proposal do not get accepted may be due to lack of experience. This is the time when majority of new Freelancers get disappointed And stop sending proposals. Once you have all the information about the balance proposal, you should try different composition of that until you find what works best for you.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

First few months as a freelancer are not easy and you should expect some tough time If you do not update your skills accordingly. If you arm yourself with patients, will, and perseverance at this time Results will eventually turns into your favor.

Portfolio is a must: Your portfolio is your identity. It can be your portfolio website, your LinkedIn profile, your Fiverr profile or profile on Behance network. It can be your previous work history on the Upwork also. Always well manage your portfolio and try to highlight it in your proposal. Highlighting your portfolio link Force the client to visit your portfolio and have a look at your past work history.

Do you know it all: Try to contribute in the upwork community  you can get all sorts of information about different topics and views shared by the clients and freelancers? You can report a client If you find anything inappropriate. Visit Upwork Hiring Headquarters for expanding your information about various topics and familiarize yourself with latest trends and strategies of Modern era.

Status Quo or Creativity: Sometime you become hesitant to contact with new clients and grabbing projects which looks little tricky or difficult. In fact you may have an invisible fear of not completing the task or delivering the project in time.by adopting this way you may trying to keep your profile status quo up and high all the time.

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

But this thing will not enhance your creativity power and your experience of dealing with the new clients. Consequently it may hinder your earning strength. So taking little bit of risk and contacting new and tricky clients is not a bad choice at all.

H2 upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities

upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities

Everybody is Different:

I am trying to elaborate in this article various aspect of a nicely crafted job winning proposal but world is not bound by specific methods all the time.Always try to give your own touch while submitting a proposal. Your body language and way of presenting text in your proposal may impresses the client more than anything.

Because everybody is different in this world.He/She may feel different think different,do different and also die different .hahaha thanks for reading…

keywords upwork client proposal cover letter upwork skills test results capabilities.

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