Preparation is victory – War Success Principle

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If you’ve never heard of Sun Tzu, he’s a famous military strategist and wrote the “Art Of War” detailing his war strategies.One of his important (but not often talked about) rules is…
“Whoever is first in the field… will be fresh for the fight”Now, what does this mean?
When Sun Tzu went to war, he made sure his army was always the first to the field – this gave his army a psychological advantage.While his army was ready and prepared to fight, the opposing force felt they were behind and frazzled as a result.Sun Tzu’s army would win before the battle even began.Every elite performer understands this principle.For example, Michael Jordan, who won 6 championship rings with the Chicago Bulls, showed up to the arena hours before the opposing team.Elite CEOs, like Elon Musk, wake up early and get an entire day’s work done before most people wake up and brush their teeth.
They’re sending a message:

“I’m more prepared than you are. I’m more ready to fight than you are. I am going to win and there’s nothing you can do.”

If you want to win, you must show up when others don’t.And how do you do that?

Do what others won’t do.Read books while they watch Netflix…
Connect with entrepreneurs while they drink and party…
Learn from successful people while they cling to their old opinions…
If you want to win, simply show up where others aren’t willing to.
If you can do that, you’ll watch yourself outgrow each and every one of them in no time.

Dan Lok
The King Of High Ticket Sales™
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