How to record videos on iPhone without interrupting music playback

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How to record videos on iPhone without interrupting music playback

Normally, when recording video on iPhone, you have to turn off the music. So is there a way to listen to the background music and record a movie at the same time?

Tips for recording videos on iPhone

Nowadays, it is easy to become a vlogger or even an amateur “videographer” thanks to the proliferation of smartphone cameras. Sometimes you are listening to good music for inspiration, and when you open the recording video, the music is gone. Through this article, you will be able to record videos on your iPhone while playing music from any app.

The common behavior when recording video on iPhone is to stop the music in the background after you start recording the video, and that also makes many people lose interest? The problem is when you don’t have the option to continue playing music. At least, now there is an option for iPhone users. This trick is quite simple and does not require advanced knowledge.

  1. Start playing your favorite music in the background of your video.
  2. Open the Camera app and keep it in Photo mode.
  3. Touch and hold the shutter button to start recording a video.
  4. To continue recording video without having to hold down the button, simply slide the shutter button to the right. The shutter will stretch under your finger and the target padlock icon will pop out.
  5. You can end the video recording by clicking the stop button.

After performing the steps above, you should be ready to continue playing music while recording video on your iPhone. To check the results, simply go to the Photos app. The video will be there and you can listen to the music in the background as it plays. It’s a cool trick that can be useful to add music tracks without having to edit the video on external tools.

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