Why We’re Excited About the ExpressVPN And LastPass Partnership

Why We’re Excited About the ExpressVPN And LastPass Partnership

LastPass and ExpressVPN are among the industry leaders when discussing consumer security. Both brands have been able to ensure their consumers enjoy a better, beefier security profile when using the internet. Knowing that they have now created a partnership protocol that allows for the integration of both services is a lot of good news for users.

Where Password Managers Come In

The standout practices when it comes to good password habits are:
● Never use the same password for more than one account
● Never using short passwords. The longer, the better
● Never losing your password
Combining all of that, and recalling that the average internet user has about tens of online accounts, password fatigue can set in.
Fortunately, password managers like LastPass solve the problem effectively. Besides saving all of your unique passwords in the same place, they also generate some of the strongest and most reliable passwords you can ever use.
Since you don’t have to remember them yourself, using such passwords becomes easier.

The place of VPNs

So, what is ExpressVPN even offering?
There was a time when VPNs were known to only allow you to change your location (a function of the IP address) at will. Today, they are much more than that.
For starters, a VPN also:
● Encrypts your internet traffic to prevent snoopers from stealing your data
● Keeps you anonymous over the web
● Prevents marketers/ advertisers from tracking you with cookies
● Prevents websites from tracking you and your computer
● Helps users thwart DDoS attacks
● Gives you access to content you would not have been privy to – a factor of geo-blocking
● … and much more.
Yes, VPNs now do all of that and more.

Now, The Partnership

Always wanting to be better for their consumers, there is only so much that these two companies can do individually.
LastPass does not have the resources to offer what a VPN does while ExpressVPN is not a password manager either. Coming together like this, they can both offer the best of both worlds to their consumers.
Now, everyone who takes advantage of this unique offer gets top-shelf password protection while also staying safe against other internet/ online risks. Even better is the fact that this partnership is between two industry leaders who know what they are doing.

Kik Start Today

If you have never considered either or both a password manager and VPN, now is the time to start. The new partnership between ExpressVPN and LastPass makes it even easier for you to get a better security product out of the box, and run with it.
For those that already have a LastPass Premium/ Family account, you get to test out the features of ExpressVPN for 30 days. And you don’t need to commit financially to do this trial.
Start on the gateway to an even better security profile right now.

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