How to record your PC screen on Windows 11

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How to record your PC screen on Windows 11

You want to record a screen video on Windows 11 to guide and share some tricks with your friends, but don’t know how, now you have to download third-party software? That is not necessary and in this article, Hoang Ha Mobile will show you how to record the screen on Windows 11 in just a few extremely simple steps.

How to record Windows 11 screen with Xbox Game Bar tool

What is Xbox Game Bar?

This is a tool built into Windows 11 by Microsoft, whose main role is to record the user’s gaming sessions. But in addition to recording the game screen, this tool can also record many other applications that are active on the screen. In addition, Xbox Game Bar also supports recording user voice during recording.

The only downside to Xbox Game Bar is that the tool will not work when you have a File Explorer window open or when there are no programs running on the screen. However, it is still a very useful and easy to use tool.

How to use Xbox Game Bar to record screen

Step 1 : First, open a program that you want to record the screen, then press the  Windows + G key combination . This is the shortcut that will help you launch the Xbox Game Bar tool.

Step 2 : To start the screen recording process, click the  Start Recording button  as shown below. Besides, you can also use the key combination  Windows + Alt + R  with the same function.

Step 3 : Once you have finished recording the screen video, you can return to the Capture Status menu and tap the stop button with the blue circle icon with a white square inside. The video will be saved inside the “Videos\Captures” folder in drive C. Also, just like at the beginning of the recording, you can also press the  Windows + Alt + R key combination again  to end the screen recording process. .

Immediately, a message  Game clip recorded  will appear, reminding you that the video has been recorded and saved to the hard drive.


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