How to turn off Dynamic Island’s motion on iPhone

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How to turn off Dynamic Island’s motion on iPhone

While you can’t completely turn off Dynamic Island movements, you can also quickly ignore them when they appear.

Dynamic Island – a new screen feature from Apple has just been introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max lines. This feature helps display alerts and information about ongoing activities, such as phone calls, on your device.

Dynamic Island is an innovative way to hide the front camera to replace the previous waterdrop screen. However, not everyone is ready to embrace this new feature. Sometimes, you will think this feature will distract you and make you want to turn it off.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off Dynamic Island completely, but you can stop them in the following way.

Turn off Dynamic Island motion

If the animations are distracting, you can stop them in their path by  swiping left  or  right  over  Dynamic Island  .

When you dismiss an activity or alert, you only end the animation, not the action completely. Everything that is happening in the background will continue to work as it should.

When multiple tasks appear, Dynamic Island will automatically switch into 2 parts: one large and one small.

Is it possible to remove this motion completely?

While you can’t turn off the feature completely, you can quickly dismiss them as they appear on your screen.

It’s not the best solution, but at least it’s a temporary fix on this new line of Apple phones

Like any new feature, some of us will love Dynamic Island and some won’t. Some people don’t even notice this new feature.

Apple doesn’t like to give us too much control over its technology, so the option to turn off Dynamic Island is unlikely to appear.

Although for some people, this feature makes it impossible for them to focus on their main work. But this technology still has a long way to go for improvement and development.

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