Huawei Y9 2019 (JKM-LX2) ROM/Bypass Google account verification

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By  Duy Nguyen

Instructions for deleting Google account verification (bypass FRP) for Huawei Y9 2019 (JKM-LX2)


  1. Before starting work, you need to prepare an email account (Not Gmail, Outlook, yahoo, etc.), make new or old account okay.
  2. Visit and download the QuickShortcutMaker.apkapplication
  3. Log in to the above email account to your computer> compose mail and attach the file  QuickShortcutMaker.apk to the message> sent to your email address or other email.


  1. On the phone, at the first screen (language selection screen)> select ENGLISH  language to operate like the instructions below, avoid the case of not finding some items as I will guide.
  2. Still at the language selection screen> you put 2 fingers simultaneously on the screen and hold about 5-10 seconds to turn on TalkBack  mode (when switching to the TalkBack tutorial screen  , leave your hand).
    Note: to select 1 item in TalkBack mode, you need to do the following: tap once to select, then touch 2 times to confirm
  3. On the screen, use one finger to swipe from top to bottom in the shape of an ” L ” and select ” TalkBack Settings “
  4. Use 2 fingers to scroll down and select ” TalkBack Tutorial “> select ” TURN TALKBACK OFF ” to turn off TalkBack (purpose to manipulate more easily)
  5. Now the phone will go back to the ” TalkBack Settings “> screen and continue to scroll down and select ” Help & feedback “> select ” Get start with Voice Acces “
  6. Click on the PLAY icon of  Youtube  > select the next icon Arrow  > select 3 dots  icon > select Share > Email > Other
  7. Here you log in to your email account (Not Gmail, Outlook, yahoo, etc.) prepared above.
  8. After signing Sign In to log in, tick the ” Automatically download attachments when connecting to Wi-Fi ” section.
  9. At the Email interface (after you have successfully logged in)> go to Sent  mail   > select to the mail we sent in PREPARATION above.
  10. Open the mail and download the QuickShortcutMaker.apk  application  before attaching it to the mail.
  11. Download is complete, the application will automatically be installed> the phone will require us to authenticate, then you select SETTING > trick to enable Allow app installs  > after installation is complete, Open  (Open) always application.
  12. At the ” Input keyword to filter ” section> type in ” Huawei Home “> select Huawei Home> now a list of new Huawei Home is released> select the first Huawei Home  in the new list drop off> select ” Try “> Select ” Setup Phone ” (if available)
  13. Now the phone will jump to the main screen. Go to Settings> System> About phone> repeatedly tap ” Build Number ” to turn on ” Developer Options ” – when you have ” You are now a developer!” The screen below is turned on.
  14. Back and select the “Developer Options”> item to turn on the item “Enable OEM unlock”> then restart the computer and activate the device as usual, the Google account verification step has been ignored.

Best of Luck


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