Six (6) iPhone problems that everyone faced and how to fix them?

Six (6) iPhone problems that everyone faced and how to fix them?

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Six (6) iPhone problems that everyone faced and how to fix them?

Using Apple’s  iPhone and  iPad products  for a long time, you will sometimes encounter problems that make you very angry such as forgetting the password, not charging, etc. Don’t worry too much, soon I will show common iPhone errors and how to fix it so you can try it on your device to save it.

1. Forgot password

There will be times when you accidentally forget your iPhone password, so how to unlock the phone? Learn how to open it by following the instructions below.

2. Face ID not working

Many times FaceID makes us extremely uncomfortable because inactive situations affect a lot. Then see how to fix it through the link below.

3. Charging does not enter

It’s frustrating when you wake up in the morning but your iPhone’s battery is dead while you plugged it in last night, right? See the instructions below to fix it right away.

4. iPhone is disabled

If you are not careful in entering the password to unlock the device, users may face the situation of iPhone being disabled. So what to do? Find out with me now.

5. iPhone freezes

Your iPhone hangs apple? The article located in the link below will help you solve this problem immediately.

6. iPhone has Virus

Although the iPhone is a closed operating system, there is still a chance that your iPhone is infected with a virus. Check it out and find out how to fix it right below.

Thus, I have compiled 6 problems on iPhone and how to handle them for everyone. Hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you find it interesting, please share the article and comment below to discuss more.


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